Real-world assets

You control your money

SBI Assets advocates for a more equitable financial world giving capital investors and companies full control and higher added value over their capital.


Decentral and transparent thanks to blockchain

Capital protection through the absence of intermediaries such as banks or funds

Direct investment in companies and real assets

Benefits for investors

You have immediate access to your assets in kind worldwide, at any time, which are freely saleable and transferable on the market at any time. These are traded NFT assets on Manavi Market.

Each NFT is audited for its value. The blockchain and the NFT protect investors from unauthorized access. The digital NFT is inseparably linked to the real tangible asset via a deed of ownership.

How it works

Benefits for companies

The blockchain offers sustainable businesses the opportunity to obtain their financing for tangible and intangible assets, independently of financial institutions, via the decentralized blockchain as part of a rental model.

Tangible assets remain the property of the community and are not ceded to banks. This creates shared prosperity for all participants!

How it works


Connecting the physical to the virtual world

The Manavi Capital Marketplace connects the real world of companies and tangible assets with capital investors who want to invest wisely and sustainably.



A marketplace for real investors

he SBI NFT Marketplace offers investors the opportunity to invest directly in tangible assets of value by purchasing an NFT (non-fungible token). In today's world, tangible assets protect against inflation and expropriation.

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