A virtual marketplace for real assets

SBI Assets advocates for a more equitable financial world giving capital investors and companies full control and higher added value over their capital.


How it works

What are Real-World Asset NFTs?

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a digital purchase contract whose owners are publicly registered on the blockchain. In addition, investors in the NFT receive a written certificate of ownership that contractually documents ownership of the real-world asset. Investors are therefore the actual owners of the tangible assets.

Thus, investors maintain control over their ownership at all times.

  1. Select the real-world asset in the marketplace.
  2. Make a down payment in the amount of 15% of the purchase price
  3. NFT onboarding as investor
  4. Payment of the remaining purchase price to the operating company
  5. Delivery of legal title deed and contracts
  6. Operating company manages tangible assets

If an existing investor wishes to sell his NFT, the new investor authorizes himself through NFT onboarding. After verification, the tangible asset is transferred to the new investor.