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Support a sustainable economy with your community benefit investments, where many people-oriented jobs, solid income and environmentally sound infrastructure are created. Be a community investor who combines return with humanity. Become part of the community of Social Business Investors!

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Real-world assets

Still get income when other asset classes fail

With the purchase of an NFT, you acquire a valuable share in a tangible asset, such as a photovoltaic system, company share or other sustainable capital investments. The NFT is an immutable digital contract that is stored on the blockchain, similar to a land register for real estate, and confirms that you are the sole owner of the NFT and the associated share in the tangible asset. In addition to the NFT, you will receive a purchase agreement confirming this in writing.


Cash flow and appreciation

A new asset class

The NFT on our marketplace can be metaphorically compared to dividend stocks, although they are a different asset class.

The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is an asset in its own right that can generate capital appreciation. At the same time, the issuer guarantees a regular cash flow of annual earnings and bonus distributions.

We are experts in reviewing business models for which NFTs are offered in the marketplace.

How it works
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Financial freedom

No entity can take your assets away from you

The blockchain and your crypto assets allow you to have no third party or company directly controlling your assets. You are therefore globally independent. Your NFT resides in your personal wallet.

The SBI Assets Marketplace combines the digital blockchain world with real tangible assets. Be independent from the traditional financial system!

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